About Malvitz Bay Farms

About Malvitz Bay Farms

Malvitz Bay Farms strawberries

The Beginning Of The Dream...

In 1952 Fred Jr. and Jillain Malvitz planted their first patch of strawberries. Later that year, Jillain gave birth to Fred III. For the next 11 years, Fred and his family grew strawberries and sold them from their front lawn. For only $1 you could buy three quarts of strawberries!

Fred and Mary both grew up on family farms and dreamed about raising their family the same way. Following their passion, they started a grade A dairy farm and grew pumpkins and sweet corn. They had four daughters, Amanda, Malinda, Lucinda and Kimberly.

A Family Affair...

As their children grew older, Fred and Mary wanted to take the family on a vacation to Disney World. Taking advice from Grandpa Fred, the family planted their first half-acre of strawberries in 1987. Once again they started by selling strawberries on the picnic table in the front lawn and then later moved the store into their garage. Hiring a few neighborhood children, the Malvitzes worked as a family and slowly raised enough money to take a family vacation.

Now, Malvitz Bay Farm’s strawberry patch is over 5 acres and has a pick-your-own patch. The girls are all grown, Amanda, Malinda, Lucy, and Kimberly have children of their own. The grandchildren all like to come and lend a hand.

Every year the family comes together and works hard during strawberry season. You can find Malvitz Bay Farms strawberries at local grocery stores.

Malvtiz Family on tractor
Malvtiz Bay Farms Door County Farm Fresh Vegetables

And Today...

Malvitz Bay Farms is a member of the Wisconsin Berry Growers Association and Wisconsin Fresh Market Vegetable Growers Association.

Malvitzes participate in their research by planting trial plants that allows the family farm to keep up with the latest trends in produce and stay educated on growing food for the community. The newest partnership is with UW Madison Horticulture Department with the Seed to Kitchen On Farm Variety Trials. The farm grows many different varieties of strawberries along with raspberries, peas, asparagus, beans, sweet corn, squash, pumpkins and many other fruits and vegetables.

The family also offers CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) boxes. Delivering bountiful boxes of produce to the local members.